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About Savvy Minerals Makeup

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Since getting the “think dirty shop clean” app, I have been so surprised to learn how many nasty chemicals there are in so many of my household products – especially makeup!

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and the immune system’s first line of defence. What we put on our skin matters! That is why I am so excited about the Savvy Minerals makeup line from Young Living. It is everything I’ve come to love about Young Living – natural, clean and non-toxic!

Every Savvy Minerals product was carefully crafted so you can feel great about yourself and what you’re putting on your skin. Products are developed with an unwavering standard of purity and quality, giving you a full variety of naturally derived products made without cheap fillers or synthetics—and that’s a beautiful thing!

A few fun facts:

  • Savvy Minerals are free from: talc, lead, bismuth, mineral oil, lead, mercury, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic colorants!
  • Savvy Minerals are made in the USA (the brushes are made in Italy).
  • Savvy Minerals by Young Living uses Arrowroot Powder and Kaolin Clay. Both are calming to the skin, help to absorb excess oil and moisture on the skin and make the skin feel silky smooth. This is important because most mineral makeup uses bismuth, which is a metal mineral that – when worked into the pores – aggravates the pores and causes irritation and breakouts.
  • Savvy Minerals will last all day long!!

To get started with Savvy Minerals Make up click the button above. If you’re already a member simply log into your account and purchase makeup with your 24% member’s discount! You can’t put a price tag on health!

There are different undertone colours to choose from – Cool or Warm (US Customers also have the choice of Dark 1 or Dark 4). Not sure which to go for? While I’m not a makeup expert, one of my makeup artist friends taught me this trick that worked for me: Look at the underside of your forearm, if the veins on your arm have a green tinge, you’re likely warm. If they have a bluish tinge, then you’re likely to have a cool undertone.

You can also get some hints from the jewellery and clothes you wear. Which metals and colours look great on you Which make your skin glow? If you reach for silver jewellery and white, black, blue, green and blue-red clothes, you probably have a cool undertone. Tend to favour gold jewellery and ivory, cream, brown, warm reds and yellows? You’re likely to have a warm undertone.

The Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit

These best way to start off with Savvy Minerals makeup is to get the starter kit (whether you’re already a member or not), as this gives you amazing value and comes with everything you need to get started! Each kit comes with:

  • 1 Foundation
  • 1 Blush
  • 3 Eyeshadows
  • 1 Lip Gloss
  • Misting Spray
  • Foundation Brush
  • 5-ml Lavender essential oil
  • Savvy Minerals by Young Living booklet
  • Introduction to Young Living booklet