The Second Trimester

The Second Trimester

Read all about my second trimester of pregnancy including a few recommendations on exercises, overall health and finding a care provider. This blog post covers weeks 14-28 of pregnancy.

As I am writing this at 39 weeks pregnant, I cannot believe we are at the beginning of the third trimester and how quickly time has gone by.

The first 3 months, it felt like time was crawling by at the slowest pace; I found myself constantly checking my pregnancy apps to learn about baby’s weekly milestones and how big he might be.

The Second Trimester was that “blissful” time everyone talks about.

My nausea was completely gone and I started feeling pretty much back to my normal self.

When it comes to nausea, one thing my naturopath recommended was to supplement with B vitamins & keeping my liver as clean as possible. With the increase of HCG (the pregnancy hormone) the nausea may get worse if the liver isn’t able to properly flush the body of the excess hormone daily.

Finding out the gender…

We decided we wanted to know the gender of the baby and have a gender reveal with some close friends and family, so at our 12 week scan we asked the sonographer to write down the gender on a piece of paper. The next day we went to a balloon shop asking to put some pink/blue confetti depending on the gender inside that envelope. The following day we had our gender reveal.

Those 3 days waiting to find out the gender felt like forever!! Then finally….

…..A BOY!!

That was one of the most exciting times in our pregnancy. We were able to start bonding with the baby by name.

Finding a care provider…

Since the beginning of the pregnancy, we knew we wanted to have some continuity of care. We were looking at various options and not sure of what to go with. A doula? A private midwife?

We ended up hiring a private midwife. She has been following us from week 20 (that’s when we hired her) and will keep following us until after the birth including being there for our birth and delivering our baby.

There are of course out of pocket expenses with having your own care provider – but looking back we’re glad we did. Especially as a first time mum, I was able to feel less overwhelmed and I feel more at ease now knowing that at birth I will have with me someone that I’ve gotten to be able to build a relationship with, that knows what our wishes are and can advocate for us in the eventuality things don’t go according to plan.

You can read more about our chosen care provider here.


We all know the never ending benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

I think a lot of women feel intimidated or unsure of what they can and can’t do during pregnancy, but what’s most important is that you listen to you doctor and your body.

My goal has been to stay active to feel as best as I can. I kept it all very simple: daily walks, stretches and pregnancy workout videos, plus I joined pelvic floor pregnancy pilates classes starting from week 15 which I was able to attend on average once a week until week 39!

One day a week I have been going to a “pelvic floor” class taught by a physiotherapist that specialises in women’s health. Melbourne Pregnancy and Pelvic Floor Pilates.

Overall Health…

Thankfully this has been a very healthy and smooth pregnancy so far.

A couple of minor things I started experiencing that I wanted to share are:

  • Lower back pain – get yourself an exercise ball and do some pelvic floor exercises on it daily. What also helped was seeing a chiropractor. This basically made the pain to nearly non existent. Find someone that works specifically with pregnant women and is trained in the Webster techniques. The adjustments are VERY gentle, and will help make sure your pelvis isn’t tilted (which will make natural birth smoother) and also provide more space for the baby to move around freely. If you live in Melbourne, this is the chiropractor. You can check this brief youtube video that helped me understand how chiropractic care helps during pregnancy.
  • Varicose/Spider veins. I started to get those not so pretty veins popping out my legs. It is one of the things women experience in pregnancy (30%?) some things that can help are exercise and massage as it helps get the blood flowing. This youtube video was quite helpful in suggesting to put your legs up in the air and massaging with upward motions also helps.

I hope you found my personal experience helpful to your journey or planning. Stay tuned for the final trimester!