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My Autoimmune Condition

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Autoimmune Conditions 

Over a year ago I was experiencing food allergies, poor digestion, unexplained anxiety, irregular period, hair loss – I was told I have an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Disease, which by definition is the body attacking itself.

It felt so defeating – I wasn’t having that..I refused to believe my body was attacking my own thyroid. Why??

Reading and re-reading @amymyersmd books helped me understand the following and this changed everything…

“If you have an illness that has been labelled as an autoimmune disease, your body truly is attacking something but not attacking itself. Your body is working for you every single day. When you’re sick and there’s mysterious symptoms there’s an invader in your body – this applies to any disease that has been labelled as autoimmune category. There’s a pathogen invader and your body is working really hard to attack and get rid of”

Healing from an autoimmune condition is a never ending journey.

In my own experience you can, not only feel well but your health can also thrive when we learn to give our body what it needs.

Most days are good, others not so great but overall I have control of those symptoms  mentioned earlier as I decided to educate myself and learn how to properly use food to heal, moving my body every day, increase my self care routine, try to remove the toxic burden all around me and have a positive and grateful attitude in life.

I am not suggesting you stop taking your medications and not go to the doctor’s if you have an autoimmune condition but everyone deserves to know there is SO much YOU can do to heal.?