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Why Young Living

Why Young Living

I often get asked why I chose Young Living instead of [insert other brand name]?

So there are a few reasons I only purchase my essential oils from Young Living, but the biggest reason is because there are hardly ANY regulations on essential oils. Unlike food, you cannot rely on labels to tell you what is inside.

For example, companies are allowed to claim a bottle of oil contains 100% pure essential oil (say, lavender) but it only ACTUALLY has to contain 5% of said oil. What is in the other 95% then!?!? It could be chemical extenders, artificial fragrances, fillers, etc. But the bottle will say 100% pure. Really!?!?

So if there aren’t any regulations placed on any companies why is Young Living different?

Young Living has what is called their ‘Seed to Seal’ promise. They own their own farms and distilleries (no other essential oil company in the world does) so from the time they plant seeds on their own farms (which they only use essential oils on for pest control, no pesticides or anything unnatural) to the time they seal the bottles you purchase, they are fully in control of the process. This gives the best quality control any brand can offer. In a market full of essential oils that you can’t necessarily trust their labels, I find a lot of comfort spending my money on a company that is totally transparent about their process. Find out more about their seed-to-seal process here.

The other main reason is because Young Living’s oils are 100% therapeutic grade. (Again, you may see this on labels – but there are no regulations on this claim either) Young Living distils each and everyone one of its oils to ensure they reach their highest potential. Some distillations are fairly short, and others take much longer. Cheaper oils, for example the ones you see at health stores or online, will generally just distil all of their oils for the same amount of time, across the board. Meaning they will only be fragrance grade, and devoid of all of the powerful benefits that therapeutic grade oils contain.

If you truly want to have the transformative experience that I’ve had with oils, and to really experience the true power of plants, you have to get the good stuff. You definitely get what you pay for!


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