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Starting My Non-Toxic Journey… With Essential Oils

If you have read my little introduction page, you would know I have always been quite interested in taking care of myself by using the “more natural approach” first..since from I was very young (in my own way) 😉

Because of my own health struggles with an autoimmune condition, I have recently gotten more and more educated in aromatherapy and what an amazing aid it is to help our bodies and minds thrive.

A friend introduced me to  Young Living Essential oils, and I ordered their Premium Starter Kit, started using these oils on a daily basis and slowly switched all my personal care and household products filled with toxic ingredients.

Not long after I started noticing a such a big  difference on BOTH my emotional and physical health.

“This experience has truly reminded me that it’s not just about what we eat and how much we exercise that contributes to a healthy body but it’s also what we put on our bodies and what we breathe in our homes that is just as important” What we put on our body gets in our body ~ simple reality.

So, that’s how I started my journey trying to live a more toxic free lifestyle.

Of course, we cannot lock ourselves in a toxic-free bubble or avoid all toxic exposure whatsoever. What it is possible thought, is to make better choices.

So, here I am sharing my adventure and journey with you and I hope to inspire you to undertake your own journey in achieving better health and wellbeing.

Jess xx