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Essential Rewards Loyalty Program

You may have heard me mention Essential Rewards (ER for short) several times in my posts. I want to explain a bit what the Young Living Essential Rewards loyalty program is. Basically it is a loyalty program where once you sign up you agree to a recurring monthly order (which can be customised each month and you can opt out anytime) and is probably one of the best, most rewarding loyalty programs out there.

Think about some of your other loyalty programs you may be a part of – frequently flyer program, supermarket loyalty cards, coffee loyalty card, etc. Of course the idea is to encourage you to remain a loyal customer to that business/brand. Essential Rewards is no different, the perks though are amazing!


  • Get up to 25% back in loyalty points – which can then be used on future purchases.
  • Discounted shipping rates.
  • Eligibility to receive monthly commissions from anyone that signs up to Young Living under your member number.
  • Loyalty gifts for consecutive monthly orders.
  • A free exclusive ER oil formulation after 12 months of being a loyal customer on ER.

These perks are huge!!! Ok Jessica, sounds great but how does it work exactly? Let me tell you!

Getting Started

When signing up as a member for the first time there is the option on your order page to sign up to Essential Rewards (click here for details on signing up). Otherwise if you’re already a member (you cannot be a Retail Customer) you simply log into your Virtual Office and on the left hand side you’ll see a link for Essential Rewards where you can enrol online.

Your monthly orders must be at least 50PV worth, but the real rewards kick in if your monthly order is 100PV or more.

The order you place is recurring each month. Just remember before your next month’s order to change it up unless you want to receive the same products in that next order. This can all be easily managed through your Virtual Office under you “Essential Rewards” section. Any issues please call the Young Living Customer Care number because they are so awesome and helpful can guide you through what you need.

Loyalty Points

For the first 3 months that you’re on Essential Rewards you get 10% back in PV points (think of it like a discount but instead of money off, you are effectively getting credit to use next time). From months 4-24 you get 20% back in points! After 24 months you get 25% OFF!!!


These PV points can then be used to purchase anything during your monthly order. Up to a maximum of 375 points can be redeemed in any one month. An already after your first two months you can start using them!

Discounted Shipping

This is pretty self-explanatory, but it does vary depending which country you live in and the regions you are ordering from.

Monthly Commissions

This is where all the income earning potentials kick in (which can literally change your life if you’re committed). Basically if you are doing 50PV monthly orders you are only eligible for the “Fast Start Bonus” which is 25% of what people who enrolled under you spend in their first 3 months.

If you are spending 100PV or more that is where the full gambit of commissions become available. Check out the compensation plan here and my post of the Young Living Business Opportunity here.

Free Loyalty Gifts

If you are spending 100PV or more each month on Essential Rewards you will receive a free gift with your order every 3 months! Check out the graphic below for the full breakdown.

I cannot recommend this loyalty program enough. This is what it’s going to help you use your essential oils everyday and stick to a more natural less toxic lifestyle. With it, I have been able to gradually change out all my standard home cleaning, beauty and health products with clean non-toxic ones! The positive impact on my health has been real and I want this for you as well!

For more information, check out this FAQ on the Young Living website.