The Young Living Business Opportunity

I stumbled upon essential oils a couple of years ago, at first I didn’t have a lot of knowledge and wasn’t quite familiar with their health benefits but after learning more I became really intrigued about their effectiveness and their many uses. I bought my Premium Starter Kit and I was hooked. I was feeling much better, and was able to switch to all the many other non-toxic products Young Living sold like cleaning products, personal care products and make-up!

I was also very excited about all the many products we no longer needed to purchase as well as Young Living’s compensation plan which rewards members for sharing how great these products are! Once again, I was also feeling much better which meant I was able to eliminate many of the supplements I was taking, and other health related expenses that were no longer necessary – my husband really appreciated my new found energy and those savings!

After 2 months of investing some time and energy into sharing about how great these products are, I was basically getting my monthly Essential Rewards order for free!

How to make money with Young Living

First of all, what are the benefits of using Young Living as a platform for your business? Let’s list a few things:

  • You get to share your passion for health, wellness, beauty and non-toxic living with others to help them to also benefit.
  • Very low risk investment – unlike many small businesses you don’t need to purchase bulk inventory, handle shipping, supply chain, staff, payroll, lease agreements, bank loans or expensive/complicated online websites.
  • You can be your OWN boss.
  • There are no sales quotas.
  • No employees.
  • Ideal for stay-at-home parents.
  • You decide how you will share.
  • Earn a residual income.
  • You can work from anywhere in the WORLD!
  • Ideal for health and wellness professionals who want to expand their customer base (pilates instructors, fitness trainers, gym owners, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, holistic nutritionists, health coaches, etc.).
  • Tax write-offs.
  • Work at your own pace.

Ok so you may be wondering; sounds great, but how much can I make with this? For the full income disclosure statement click here.

These ranks really are achievable. Young Living Royal Crown Diamond member Adam Green says “If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll get paid like a hobby. If you treat it like a business, you’ll get paid like a business”. What would you do with an extra $500 per month? $2000 per month? What about $6000!?!?!

Ok how do you get started with this?

Step 1: Sign Up as a Member

To get these rewards for sharing about Young Living you need to be signed up as a member. This means purchasing a starter kit. Click this link for details. You also get 24% retail prices on all your purchases.

Step 2: Use the Products

Once you get your starter kit – whether it’s with oils or makeup or the Thieves and Ningxia Red Kits – you need to start using the products! Learn more about each one and take the time to build your own testimonial for each oil and product in the kit.

When you sign up with me, I send you a welcome pack to help you get started so you can build up a knowledge-base. I’m here to help and support you too. You don’t need to know everything or all the science behind them, but you do want to take every chance to use the oils so you can talk about them with others.

And I recommend you take every opportunity to share your testimonials. Be sure to keep it above the wellness line. We don’t need to focus on sickness or disease. We have so much to talk about with wellness, cleaning, beauty, cooking and so much more.

I make it a point to use my essential oils in public. I’ll apply my Stress-Away roll-on while waiting in line at the grocery store. I use Thieves hand spray to clean my hands at restaurants. I diffuse oils when I have guests over at my house. And I even post pictures of myself using essential oils on Instagram.

And believe me, people will start asking about them. So what do you do then?

Step 3: Host classes and Share Online

Look for opportunities to share the oils with others. Teach classes in your home (just use your starter kit and talk about how you use the oils) to family and friends. This could be as simple as three friends around a kitchen table, or a packed room of 20 or more. Do what feels natural for you. You can even just schedule a one-on-one with a friend who can’t make it to a class. Make it fun. Meet at a cafe and bring your starter kit.

Another good tip I’ve found is that for each person that wants to buy a kit, offer to go to their home and explain how to use it (and ask them to bring along any friends that are interested).

The power of Social Media is amazing, create an account to share about your wellness passions and the benefits of Young Living products. You can also create a website like this if you so desire, but is definitely not required.

The best thing about this business is that you get to choose which avenue you would like to utilise to share about the products. There’s no pressure to commit to classes, social media, website, online video etc.

Step 4: Keep Educating Yourself

Young Living does have some great business building materials in your online Virtual Office which will help you on your way. As a member of my team however, you will be invited to a private Facebook group made up of a community of fantastic like-minding people who are learning about the products and the business aspects. I will help you along in your journey and give plenty of information (see my latest posts online and on social media).

There are so many other Young Living members out there on the internet sharing about their experiences, just look them up on Youtube and you will discover many videos with great tips and information on growing your business.

Plus, teaching classes and sharing the oils is all about education. There’s NO SELLING at all. Just teach classes and then help people sign up with their own account through you. That’s how you earn bonuses and commissions from Young Living. You don’t have to actually stock the oils yourself, or set up a payment system to take orders. Just teach and share, then use your sign-up link to get others to sign up. Easy right?

Step 5: Receive Commissions!

The natural result of all the above is that you will receive commissions for all those who sign up using your Member ID.

Young Living’s compensation plan is very generous, and the best part about it is that you have the ability to earn residual income. So how does that work?

Here it is in a nutshell: When you sign up a new wholesale member who also gets a Premium Starter Kit, you earn US$50 (AU$65).

$25 for the Starter Kit Bonus

25% commissions for the first 3 months for the Fast Start Bonus – that 25% commission is based on 100 PV (personal volume), which is $25 (the Premium Starter Kit is 100 PV even though the actual cost is $160, that’s the PV value)

So sign up a friend with a Premium Starter Kit and earn $50. If that friend orders again in month 2 or 3, then you earn 25% commissions on that order. Plus, you earn 10% commissions on anyone your new person signs up too.

I mentioned earlier there’s no monthly minimum. That’s true. However, you’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t spend 50 PV (every product is assigned PV value – consumables are usually 1:1 so if an oil costs $25, then it will have 25 PV but there are some exceptions with tools and diffuser) to earn the Starter Kit and Fast Start Bonuses. So technically you don’t have to spend that 50 PV, but you’d be missing out on free oils with that order. Just one sign-up will pay for those oils (i.e. you spend 50 PV in products and earn $50 in a thank you check from Young Living).

But imagine when you get 3 sign-ups? You’ll earn almost enough to cover your Premium Starter Kit. Enrol more people in a month, and you’re making even more money.

After a member is with you for 3 months, you can qualify for unilevel commissions (8% of their total PV for the month) when you spend 100 PV monthly. At this point, you’ll see that those you’ve signed up will start sharing too. And with unilevel commissions, you earn on members on your level 2, 3, and so on.

You also earn 24% commissions when you sign up retail members, but you don’t earn residual income. For that reason, I always recommend wholesale membership – which is just an awesome deal any way you look at it and builds you up for financial freedom.

Here’s a great video explanation of the compensation plan by Lauren of ‘YL Shortcut to Success’:

Ready to Get Started?

Ok, if you’re ready to get started in using Young Living products and building your own business, click here for all the details on signing up.